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Quality (finishing, control systems, IT...)

From the tree to the plank. A number of quality controls at all levels guarantee end products at a consistently high level:

  • Selection of high-quality trees in the forest
  • Sorting by quality into more than 100 roundwood boxes
  • Visual sorting after sawing
  • Visual and machine grading after drying  
  • Visual sorting after planing

Thanks to sophisticated computer systems, complete control of the production process is warranted. For each timber produced, we can trace when it was produced, which quality controls were performed when and by which employee and finally we can point to the exact origin of the timber concerned in the forest.


Planing mill

Two modern planing lines are ready to respond to non-standard customer requests. A lot of standard profiles are constantly being produced, but specific customer requirements can also be considered.


The majority of sawn and planed wood is sold as killn-dried wood. Our sawmill was thus the first in the country to invest in a dry channel and thus increase the drying capacities many times over. Our client benefits from wood with constant moisture with all the advantagess that arise from this:

  • No more mould
  • Mostly we can forgo chemical wood preservatives
  • Significant weight savings (more than 50%)
  • Significantly improved handling for the consumer



Grading & quality control

We sort in accordance to CE Standard 14081. All structural timbers are sorted by visual and machine grading according to European standards. The customer has the guarantee of a consistent and standardised quality.


Impregnating: Wood protection class 2, 3 or 4 is possible.

With the dipping method for class 2, different products and colours are available: green, yellow or colourless.



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