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Sustainability (forest thinning, purchasing from the near vicinity...)

We exclusively work with SPRUCE and DOUGLAS from domestic production.  The roundwood processed in the factory comes from the best areas of the Belgian Eifel and particular attention is paid to ensuring that all wood comes from sustainable forest thinning.


Energy production (closed circuit)

With the commissioning of the heating station located in the immediate vicinity of the sawmill, a milestone was set in the company's history: The model project for whole Belgium for the first time allowed the use of waste wood on site, also guaranteeing a self-sufficient energy supply.
The electricity produced in the heating station is used in the sawmill, in neighbouring companies as well as being fed into the public network as "green power".
The heat produced is used to heat the kilns, for manufacturing wood pellets and  for producing animal bedding (with our partner company DELHEZ BOIS).

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